China Events

Paul Belanger of Cornerstone Productions® International has had many firsts in entertainment throughout the world, but Asia has always been special to him.

Paul Belanger taught in Japan his original Body Costumes with balloons and his original Interactive Balloon Games as stage routines and accessory routines, to many professionals in Japan to use in their own shows.

He is well known for China’s first balloon performances, which has taken the country by storm to open up balloon performances by many other entertainers afterwards.

Paul Belanger was the producer of the first truly internationally acclaimed Balloon Fashion Show in the world, which took place in Shanghai, China.  This was produced in China, to be aired all throughout Asia on CCTV.  The result was a media blitz on the internet for over 9 months which rocked the balloon world with numerous photos and video clips.  This event caused future balloon fashion shows (within less than a year afterwards) to take place in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and afterwards in Las Vegas in the USA.  One or more of the balloon cast members from the original Balloon Fashion Show in Shanghai, produced by Paul Belanger, were also featured in these other programs.

The popularity of balloons and western entertainment continues in China.

Paul Belanger has taught balloons in 10 universities in China and numerous community events all throughout China helping to spread the art form to be used at festivals and many other events in the future.  Some of the many students still continue to create balloons in China.

November of 2009, Paul Belanger of Cornerstone Productions® International, produced a balloon project for the China Wuqiao International Circus Festival.  The entertainment included a large festival mascot, opening ceremonies, performances throughout the city and warm up performances before every circus competition and show.  The people saw traditional balloons, balloon fashion, unusual balloon toys and giant interactive balloon puppetry besides the balloon performances.

Some of the fun and excitement is to perform in front of a new audience while combining the culture of the city or special event into the balloon creations, to help give it a huge emotional impact!

Below are a few of the numerous photos from travels in performing throughout China. Hopefully in the future they will all be available to view. More current information regarding events in China and the Chinese press releases are on the China web page.  Of course this is all written in Chinese, in case you enjoy reading the language.  Just click on the link at the bottom of the page for the Chinese web site.

The headline of the news is "American balloon art bloomed at the performing arts fair".These are video links of performances and television promotions of events by Paul Belanger of Cornerstone Productions International on Youku.   Enjoy!